Why we need to eat more vegetables

‘Eat more veggies’ is a thought that runs through my head like a song on repeat, but it’s a song I’m happy to beat my drum to all day, every day. It’s something that we’ve all had drummed into us through the media and advertisers throughout our lives.

Think back to your parents instilling the virtuousness of greens when you were caught red handed with your paws deep in the lolly gobble bliss bomb packet.   Do you ever remember running from spinach and peas at breakneck speed?.  The age old message of eating more veg should never burden you, and it should never be a chore to include more of these amazing plant foods into your diet.

I’m currently in a serious love affair with veggies: and in the words of Depeche Mode I just can’t get enough. Pile those babies higher and higher on my plate! Once you know the immense benefits of crowding your daily food intake in with these vitality boosters, it seems nonsensical not to chase them down at every opportunity!

There are so many reasons why we need to increase our vegetable intake and why we need these health savers to be a priority in our diets. Instead of a lengthy list, here are 4 simple, but very important reasons why you should be getting veggies into your diet daily.

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