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In the winter of 2006 I awoke to find myself unable to get out of bed.  My body was rigid and hurting and every move I made was a gigantic effort. I had no desire to do anything and although I continued to get up and drag myself into work, I would limp home exhausted, barely mustering up the energy to flop on the couch in awkward isolation.  My stomach ached and nagged, objecting to any foods I tried to eat, raging and gurgling like a squally sea.  Dinner became a non-event and all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep.

Doctors couldn’t understand why I was so ill, hair falling in clumps around me and the scales barely realising 45kgs. Hives covered my ulcerated body, my muscles ached and I was tired and depressed.  I understood my health was skidding down-hill at an alarming pace but I felt out of control, self-conscious, and alone.  The next six months was a blur, spent unwillingly negotiating my way through a complex medical system, exhausted from being passed around a parade of doctors, shuffling from one test to another with no answer on the horizon. I felt trapped in a pin ball machine, bruised and battered, being catapulted from cushion to drawbridge with no light at the end of the tunnel. My once fortunate life was in mayhem.

It wasn’t until some months later a diagnosis was reached and it was disclosed in a pin-drop moment that I was suffering from a non-specific autoimmune disease and fibro-myalgia.  Hovering over me, doctors had decided my fate, a life of immuno-suppressants, steroids and anti-inflammatories which subsequently made me feel worse.  I grew weaker by the day.   Intrinsically I knew that there must be something else I could do to change the situation I had found myself in.  Fed-up with the medical system and at a complete loss, a different realisation began to nudge its way into my consciousness. What if it was diet related? I could alter my diet, find foods which would not irritate my condition, in the process build up my immune system and consequently be able to live my old carefree life again, no longer having to rely on drugs. It was worth a try and I was determined to do something about it.

And so began my quest. Fervently I researched, consumed, read and soaked up as much information about diet and nutrition as I could, even travelling the world to discover which nutrient-rich foods would benefit me. It was in opposition to what I had studied in my food and technology classes and the learning curve was enormous.  It was as if the food pyramid had turned itself upside down and shaken itself out realigning my mind with an alternate paradigm.  I discovered foods which could be used as medicine to heal my body at cellular level and restore my health and in the process realized that for myself and many others there is a direct correlation between what we eat and how we feel.

Changing my diet had a monumental effect on my health. For the first time in a long time I had mental clarity, like I had awoken from a dream. I felt alive, my high-school-nerd head spinning with ideas for creating new recipes, pausing only briefly to research more and then begin again experimenting daily with a combination of different flavours and spices and unfamiliar ingredients.  I was finally back in my element, cooking up a storm in the kitchen in the search for healthy, nutrient-rich foods that were simple to make yet still tasted fantastic.

Through my research I devised an eating plan that would not only heal my body and provide me with all the nutrients I needed to get well but offer hundreds of options for delicious fresh, full-flavoured, easy to cook, beautiful foods that still attract my eye every day and warm my heart.  I stopped focusing on what I couldn’t have and started  thinking about all the delicious health promoting foods I could and ones that could change the quality of my life forever.

Now my diet has never been so exciting and satisfying, I have boundless energy and enthusiasm for life and the best thing is that I’ve regained my health and vitality.   I’m giddy with happiness to have been given the opportunity to share my insights with you and hope that you’ll benefit as I have from the many delicious nutrient-rich gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast and sugar-free recipes I have created.

Enjoy! xo Lee

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  1. Belinda Flynn
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 08:00:54

    I have had Fibromyalgia for 20 years. Prior to this I was a very active athletic person with an enthusiasm for life. Fibromyalgia has had a huge negative impact on my life. I have tried many diets and stuck to the for various amounts of time with poor results. I have also spent a lot of money trying various modalities of alternative health. I have never taken the medications which were recommended by the medical profession.
    I look forward to trying out the recipes in your book,
    What a wonderful achievement.


  2. Paulina
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 00:02:45

    What a fantastic website, we need more information on eating gluten, yeast, diary, wheat and sugar free foods. If only restaurants, cafes and grocery shops catered for this. We have lots of gluten or nut or diary free products but that is where it stops! Its worth while investing money in producing some of the recipes into foods you can buy over the counter as there is a growing market for it. There aren’t many yeast free products for example (in Australia). Yeast so much relates to gluten and wheat products but yet there seems to be lack of yeast free products. I have only woken up myself not long ago and realised how I am feeling is related to the food I eat. Self education is the key, thank you Lee :)


  3. Pam
    Jul 11, 2012 @ 22:57:03

    I’ve had stomach problems for years and have been to so many doctors. I recently found a holistic doctor who believes that most problems stem from the foods we eat. I started eating this type of diet and things turned around for me. Whenever I am not careful and let my guard down, I have terrible stomach pains and headaches. Last weekend was one of these times. I was away on a girls weekend trip and having a blast. I felt good so thought I could splurge. I ended up in bed with terrible cramps and headache. I had to extend my stay to recover. It is not worth it! I am excited to find this site. I am going to try some of the recipes to see if my family will eat them. Thank you for sharing Lee!



  4. wooswas
    Sep 29, 2012 @ 21:45:09

    Thank you Lee for giving us this. I too have just woken up to the fact that my debilitating illness of years can be controlled by diet and as it seems you have done a lot of the footwork for me already I shall be gratefully following your blog. The best of health to you :)


  5. deeannascott
    Sep 11, 2013 @ 07:59:36

    I am going through the same things, I believe I have an auto immune disease. I am in the middle of figuring everything out. Thank you for your story, posts and recipes.:)


  6. Betty Dotson
    Jul 04, 2014 @ 13:50:43

    Lee, WOW! You just described me completely, right down to the clumps of hair falling out & breaking out in severe hives multiple times daily! The doctors can’t seem to find what is causing all of these health issues. It feels like the world has crashed down on me & stolen my health rapidly in the last 3-4 months. I’m bone-weary & depressed.

    I’m working 12 hour shifts 6-7 nights a week to put my son through college, so I’ve got to win this battle back to health on a very tight budget..

    It is summer here in Central Virginia, USA, so which are the most health-restoring vegetables that I can grow myself in my zone 7 garden?

    I have your Super Charged Food book, but I’m so overwhelmed & don’t know where to start to get the best results.

    ANY suggestions would be SO appreciated.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! I think I see a ray of hope at the end of this dark tunnel.



    • Lee Supercharged
      Jul 04, 2014 @ 14:01:56

      Hi Betty, sorry to hear that you are suffering from a similar experience. Why don’t you email me and i can give you some tips also head over to my website for lots more tips and recipes. Some of the vegies that would be good are ones that you can lightly steam- sometimes raw food is very hard to digest for people who have immune system issues. Green veg is always good. I’ll hear from you soon :) Lee


  7. Katrina
    Sep 16, 2014 @ 04:47:07

    I have been fed up with my stomach problems. I am a nurse and I know how the health system works and it’s not a good system. For the last 5 years I have been suffering with depression, due to my extreme stomach pain. I know nobody likes to discuss bowel movements but 4-5 loose and watery stools everyday takes a huge tole on not only your body, but your mind and spirit due to the shame and embarrassment it causes. I can’t go anywhere without knowing where the bathroom is. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, which basically means they don’t have a clue what’s wrong. Recently not only are my abdominal cramps unbearable, but I have been getting an extremely sore neck, nausea and heartburn daily. Once again I’ve been thrown back into the medical maze of tests and doctors. I’m tired and exhausted of feeling this way and it’s time I take matters into my own hands. My stomach doesn’t seem to correlate with any specific foods, I’ve tried gluten free, Same pain. Then I started thinking what about everything else? Dairy, yeast, sugar it’s in everything how can I possibly be happy if I can’t enjoy any food?! I also have a rare allergy to Raw apples and carrots that I carry an epi pen for. Anytime I eat salad my stomach flares up. I feel like I’m a lost cause but stumbling upon this site has given me hope. Thank you.


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